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    Bruins Offseason

    Loved his game down the stretch. Couldn't ask for a better 4th line guy and saved a little $ on the cap by avoiding his QO.
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    Round 1- Ottawa

    Sounds like McAvoy is in the house.
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    Bruins Prospect News and Notes

    I watched Bjork up close four times in the past month and he is the real deal. Tremendous talent and creativity on offense, excellent skater with a high hockey IQ. No knock to Zach Aston-Reese, but I thought Bjork was the best player in Hockey East this year.
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    2016 Colts: Always a Banner Year

    "Beat Jacksonville in meaningless week 17 game"
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    September NHL Grab Bag of Fun News

    I can understand why he thinks it was a slewfoot, but looks like their legs just got tangled. Shaw saw the numbers the whole way so that should be a couple games at least.
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    June NHL News

    Sounds like its one-for-one straight up. Wowza.
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    March to the Playoffs: Game One

    B's would hold the tiebreaker over PHI due to ROW. So a DET win tonight wouldn't be a death knell for them. Would just have to match PHI's point total the rest of the way and they could realistically drop 2 of the last 3 vs. TOR, PIT, @NYI. Bruins have to win out to realistically have a...
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    Bruins Prospect News and Notes

    Tanev riding shotgun with Acciari would be a bitch of a line to play against. Kid is lightning fast and hits everything in sight, nonstop motor.
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    Bruins recall Noel Acciari

    For people that aren't familiar with Noel, you'll love his game.
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    Bruins acquire Lee Stempniak

    Pretty sure he just skated in captain's practices too, don't think he was ever on a PTO with the Bruins.
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    February NHL News

    Ehrhoff put on waivers for some reason. Only makes 1.5 mil and a UFA after the season. Wtf?
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    College Hockey 2015-2016

    Friars are unbeaten in 14 dating back to last season, but also have had their hands full with NU on the second night of the home-and-home recently. Should be a tough battle tonight at Matthews.
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    There's A Game Today 10/21

    Officially no suspension now.  The video explanation makes a case for it not being a penalty at all.  Not considered charging, interference, or illegal check to the head.
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    2015 Preseason Game Thread

    For me, Colin Miller just passes the "eye test" out there.  Love his poised, confident decision making thus far and his rocket shot doesn't hurt much either.